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Back in 1995 I moved my family from our 40 acre farm in northern Maine to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.  The dramatic change in climate and scenery immediately had a profound effect on me and continues even today.  I can't imagine not feeling the ocean breeze and sun's rays beaming on my face every morning when I jog on the beach to get my day started or walk the dogs with my wife in the evening.  “Life is better at the beach” can sound cliche but for my family and the hundreds of clients I've had the pleasure to serve over the past 20 years it's absolutely true.  Having marketed, listed, leased and/or sold properties in every neighborhood here has enabled me to become an expert advisor in both residential and commercial real estate here in Ponte Vedra Beach and all around the surrounding First Coast region.  Because I live and play here, I know where the secret surf spots are.  I know where the uncrowded golf courses are.  I know where the best walking and hiking trails are.  I know where the best deals in new construction are.  I know where the lowest condo fees and residential HOA dues are.  I know where you can find million dollar views for half the price.  I know Ponte Vedra Beach.  My no-nonsense approach to listing and selling real estate has resulted in more than $200 million in closed sales and extremely satisfied buyers and sellers who appreciate me being a partner in the process putting myself in their shoes to serve their needs, not mine.  The salt life isn't for everyone but if you'd like to explore the possibilities just give me a call and let's find out together.

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